Breathe yourslef into the Present Moment

This is a video filmed in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.  It is a short tutorial on pranayama and abdominal breathing.  As many of us find ourselves in stressful situations, our natural tendency is to move into shallow breathing that is initiated from the upper chest cavity.   This video offers a guided breathing meditation that can be used at anytime to calm the mind and body and bring us back to our inner awareness, and to the most important moment…the present moment.

Feel free to post your own comments or breathing techniques that you have found helpful during stressful times.  The more we share with each other that which inspires and heals us, the more we can experience a sense of comfort and ease as we move through this journey of life.  The world will transform into a more loving and peaceful place by each of us making the transformation personally.  So check out the video and Breathe yourself into the Present Moment.

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