Spiritual Union

I remember the first time I participated in a manifestation ceremony.  I wasn’t sure what it was all about…putting our intentions into a stone and throwing it into the ocean…screaming at the top of our lungs that which we wanted to manifest.   I was at a Yoga Teacher Training on the quiet beach of Gigante in Nicaragua.  I was training to become a facilitator and much of the material was still new to me.  Even though I had never done a ceremony to initiate an intention, this concept of manifesting my dreams somehow felt familiar and effortless.

I had started to become more in tune with the cycles of the moon and knew that the new moon was a perfect time to call in what was next on my path.  The important piece to me always seemed to be to let go of the attachment to the outcome of that which we were asking to manifest.  So on that new moon in January 2011, I used the power of the lunar energy and the ceremonial techniques I had been taught, to manifest “a beautiful partner of the same spiritual vibration”.

I felt the intention so clearly in my whole body, and when I blew that energy into the stone and threw it into the ocean with all my might, my entire being got giddy and ecstatic.  I started jumping around the beach shouting my manifestation over and over…I manifest a beautiful partner of the same spiritual vibration! I manifest a beautiful partner of the same spiritual vibration!”  I couldn’t stop…it was like the manifestation had its own frequency and was vibrating out to the world in a way that I could not have imagined on a physical dimension.

infinite love

Infinite Love

Prior to this, I was not aware that this partnership I was seeking was already in my reach.  First of all, the ceremony allowed me to recognize and feel great gratitude for all of the spiritual partnerships that already existed in my life, and the infinite love that encompassed each one of them. Secondly, it allowed me to let go of any preconceived ideas of who this partner may be or how and when he or she may show up in my life.  It was time to trust the mystical power of Infinite Love.

Having had a deep connection with my friend, teacher and travel companion, Coby for the last 4 years, I knew he was absolutely one of these spiritual partners who already existed in my life.  I was surprised, however, when the universe answered my call and showed me that he indeed was also my beautiful life partner who carried the same spiritual vibration.  We had been friends and part time lovers for a while, but never saw each other as “the one that we had been waiting for”.  How come it wasn’t clear until that time?  I guess I had to first ask for exactly what I wanted, feel the gratitude for all that I already had, and then allow the universe to take it from there…without any attachment to the outcome.  Only then was I able to see what was already in front of me.

When I came back from Nicaragua and my 6 month journey of traveling through Central and South America, I returned home to Mexico and Coby was there at Present Moment to meet me.  This time we connected on a deeper level realizing at the very least that we wanted to spend more time together.  Shortly thereafter, I met him in Peru for what turned out to be an initiation with Doris, his spiritual teacher of 10 years.  During that time Doris made it abundantly clear that now was the time to adjust our lifestyles in order to accommodate each other’s way of living and to spend more time together.  It was a big decision to give up some of our plans for the upcoming year.  Coby had a 3 month trip planned to Guatemala, India and Africa and was then scheduled to “manny” his brother’s two kids for the following 6 months.  He worked out a way to honor his commitments but to shorten the time of each.

The 9 months was reduced to 4 months and before I knew it, Coby had returned to Present Moment once again, but this time was different…it was on!  It was time to honor the fact that the intention that was set back in Nicaragua at that ceremony was now being made manifest.  Here I was with this beautiful man who I adored, and who also happened to be my partner of the same spiritual vibration.  Yippee!

We celebrated our union with a full moon ceremony.  With just the two of us (and our dog Bodhi as our witness) we stood at the ocean’s edge under the brilliance of the full moon and bathed our naked bodies with a plant bath made from various aromatic herbs indigenous to Mexico and Peru.  This was our first wedding ceremony.  It was a personal, devotional expression of our love and our choice to be together.

Full Moon Wedding

Full Moon Wedding

As beautiful as our personal ceremony was, our family and friends weren’t buying it.  To most, it wasn’t considered a “true marriage.” Okay, so maybe Bodhi can’t officially be considered a “witness” (although he definitely took his job very seriously…right up there with chasing pelicans and barking obscenities at the full moon that night).  And maybe marrying ourselves isn’t totally “legal”, but you know…it’s Mexico…on the beach.   Anything goes, right?  Apparently not.

So, a year and a half later, we decided to have another ceremony in the States with our community of family and friends to celebrate our continued choice to honor the “We” of our relationship.  One of my great teachers, Yogi Raj taught me years ago that in every relationship there is the “You”, the “Me” and the “We”.   So this second ceremony was done with the intention to honor the “We” in relationship to our selves, our friends, our families and the universe.

Calling in the Directions

Calling in the Directions

The wedding was filled with sacred rituals from a variety of traditions that we hold in high regard.  With the help of my four dear Shamanic Sisters, the four winds of the medicine wheel were opened and the Spirits of each direction were called in to join us.  The forces of nature, which exist in and around us, were observed by acknowledging the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether.  The Jewish rituals of the Chuppa and the glass breaking were honored. Yoga chants and mantras were sung, and much cacao was consumed in the name of Infinite Love!



Breaking the Glass

After the wedding, we found ourselves back in Peru…and back with Doris, who gave us a honeymoon like no other.  Our 3 weeks in the Sacred Valley of Peru were spent cleansing our bodies and minds with a strict diet excluding sugar, salt or fat (surprisingly, that leaves almost nothing except for the Peruvian staples of potatoes and quinoa).  The diet also included abstaining from sex and any other rituals or habits in order to break mental, emotional and physical patterns.  I know, a sexless honeymoon…what?!

As impactful as the physical diet was, it was the spiritual cleansing with medicinal plants that left the strongest impression with me…inside and out.  When the body and mind are clear and free from distractions (like food and sex), the gateway opens to receive messages, wisdom and guidance from Spirit.  Ayahuasca ceremonies, shamanic healings and daily plant medicine from a shamanic grandmother of the jungle, provided an opening in me that truly solidified my own spiritual journey as well as the spiritual union of “We” upon which I was embarking.

Plant Bath in Peru

Flower Bath in Peru

Through the process of cleansing and clearing space to make more room for our individual and collective Spirits to resonate, Coby and I ultimately “tuned in” to the same energetic frequency.  The partner of the same spiritual vibration that I was manifesting by shouting out to the ocean was now sitting with me in the mountains of Peru.  From this perspective I could see that by sending my intentions to the universe from a place of gratitude and trust, I was capable of manifesting my dreams.

With the help of Doris and the amazing power plants of the Andes, we had unified in the way of energy and spirit.  Now this was a true marriage, a spiritual union!

“I manifest a beautiful partner of the same spiritual vibration”… Done!

Coby and me at Machu Picchu

Coby and me at Machu Picchu

7 thoughts on “Spiritual Union

  1. My sweetest crunchie munchie!!
    You are amazing in every way…..this is a beautifully written story, as well as a beautiful story!!! Thank you for sharing, and the great pictures too…..=)

  2. Thank you for sharing a part of your journey, CJ. Putting something like this into words is difficult, and this is expressed so beautifully. A million blessings to you and Coby.

  3. Hi CJ and Coby, I cried when I read this story! I am so happy for you and I want to manifest my amazing life partner with the same spiritual vibe too! I know that setting an intention, giving it up to the universe is real, I have personally seen it in other aspects of my life. It was so moving to read this, thank you so much for sharing. You remind me that all I need to do is set my intention and let go and trust. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to visiting you again at the Present Moment very soon!

    Much love and joy,


  4. YOU GOT GIRL! I Love what you’ve written here! I need to connect with you further on this cleansing you did in Peru as I’ve been interested in doing the same. Much Love & Light Blessings to you Dear Soul Sister! :~)

  5. My goodness, where have I been? ! Congratulations to you and Coby! What an amazing life you’re having. Loved your “pause” blog. It was like old times to hear your voice in the little video. Much love, Andrea

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